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Mini-video games are games that were once popular among children. Precisely in the nineties a lot of people – people who sell mini-games. Games that will teach children to care for animals. Surely you are not curious about the mini-video.

It’s not just online games that provide animal care games. In this mini video game, children will know better how to take care of animals and know what to do when the animal is sick and cannot eat. It looks like an ordinary game, but no one would have thought that this game could help improve children’s thinking.

Raising animals

Games that are not heavy to carry and can be pocketed easily. There are many features available in the mini-game such as: start doing animal raising in the mini-game. The animals inside can move and carry out all the commands you give. Not only that, there are four buttons that you can press according to the instructions. Datasunda

Not only do you care for them, but you can also feed the animals that you care for in the mini-video game. There are many movements that you can do when playing games, namely being able to play, learn, and much more. you don’t need to be afraid of missing your mini-game because in every mini-game there is a keychain. So at any time, you can play it without fear of losing it.

safe and can be played easily//choose a color

Safe and can be played by children

By playing games in your mini videos, you can make your children feel at home playing at home. Mini video games can also be a special birthday gift for children or teenagers. A game that allows you to play together with your real pet.

The materials used in the game are harmless and very safe. Using plastic material and has many colors. There are various types of colors that you can choose according to your wishes. the size is small but it can make children feel at home playing. Only one type of animal is provided.