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Classic game

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Classic game

If you remember your childhood, you will be reminded of all kinds of beautiful memories. A memory where there are many types of games that you can still play to your heart’s content. One of the classic games that you might still be able to find in several game stores is the Gamebot.

A game that has a fairly large screen plus lots of game buttons that you can apply. Gameboot was once one of the most popular games of its era. There are many types of games stored in the game bot. There are almost a hundred more games that you can use and play. Datasunda

Can be played by adults and children

Games that have a rectangular shape are not dangerous. Only with a battery capital can you start the game you want. Not only children can play it. But adults can also play game bots. Easy to carry because the size is almost the same as the size of an Android cellphone.

Playing game bots can also help a child’s thinking develop more. Focus and win easily by mastering game skills well. To become an expert, of course, it takes a long time to play in order to win.

There are nine buttons that you can master easily in the game bot.

The button is there

doesn’t take up much power//game tetris
  • On/off
    Opens and turns off the game screen.
  • Start/pause
    When you select a game to start playing, you can press start. But if you want to pause or stop for a while, you can press pause.
  • Music
    Each game will emit a game sound. For those of you who like to play using sound or can’t adjust the sound by pressing music.
  • Reset
    If you feel that the game you are playing has gotten a high score, then you can repeat the game again. The game level will return from the beginning.
  • The big button on the right
    Become a player or direction button, just by turning it, your direction will change
  • Plus button
    There are 4 buttons that are shaped like a plus box. Signs you can select instructions or a type of game by pressing the plus button. Besides being able to choose the type of game, you can also set the level of the game you want to play.