Retro console to keep it going

Retro console to keep it going

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Retro console to keep it going

Retro console to stay durable and not easily damaged. Gamers lovers, of course, will do anything so that your favorite game machine is not damaged. Perform multiple checks and always clean all tools thoroughly. Of course, those who love retro games will feel that the world is only for them.

Maybe for those of you who are starting to like retro games, of course, you will experience difficulties when saving the game machine. Almost everyone plays games using mobile devices, computers, and laptops. So that retro games themselves are rarely used and damaged.

To prevent this, of course, you follow a few simple steps in caring for game consoles such as:

clean up – Datasunda

For those of you who love retro games, of course, you don’t want the game to be dirty and damaged. So, to clean it, you only need to provide a dry brush and cloth to clean your game machine. use a brush to clean between games and a half-wet cloth is used to wipe the surface of the game. If you find some signs of rust, you can clean it using an anti-rust cleaner.

For those of you who are experts, of course, you won’t find it difficult to clean game consoles. Don’t forget to wipe and clean the game stick so it doesn’t get dirty.

clean until no dust sticks//nurse


Not only motorbikes and car engines are heated. Retro game machines also need to warm up. Rarely used does not mean the machine is fine. take your time to warm up the game engine. Even though you rarely play it, you still have to heat up the game engine. If you have one game or many, you still have to heat it up. Heating up all the game machines on the same day will certainly make it very difficult for you, right? You can set a schedule for heating it.


Don’t just save the retro games that you have. Of course, many think that keeping it in a visible place will make it easier for you to find and play it. But you don’t know that open and uncovered places can make your game dirty and rust quickly. To save this game, you can use a clean cloth to cover it and then place it in a place where there is no air.

The most important thing in storing your game console is when the game you have played is still hot, don’t save it first. Cool down the game first or leave it until it’s not hot and then you save it.