Boxing machine shape

Boxing machine shape

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Boxing machine shape

The forms of boxing machines are very diverse. The boxing machine is one of the new types of games that you can find at gaming venues. Some game places are like timezone or malls that provide various types of games. Did you know that the shape of a boxing machine is not just one shape?

There are many forms such as a machine that is given a boxing ring, and there is also a box boxing machine. Of all the boxing games, the most played is the direct boxing machine. Does not have a box or ring. A machine that hangs a small bag on it. To be able to play it, you can insert coins or swipe the game balance card.

Game form

datasunda – After you pay, the small bag will immediately move down to get ready to receive a punch. Of course, your chance to hit becomes easier. Hitting the bag hanging on the ring certainly doesn’t use your bare hands. There are boxing gloves and you can use them to hit the boxing machine.

The decoration on the boxing machine is not just one color. Every game machine maker will certainly give beautiful and bright color nuances. Make the players curious and want to try to play it. Besides the beautiful color, there are also cool lights that can respond to every blow.

How to play

Each punch that is given will be immediately given a value. Of course, those of you who have never played this boxing game machine are curious, right?

measure fist strength//game

For those of you who are just playing, you must prepare a coin or game balance card. After you insert coins or game cards, you can start playing by pulling the game lever. A small bag will drop down and you can be ready to hit it.

Also, pay attention to the time given by the boxing game machine. If you punch him a little late then you won’t get the value. Successfully hitting the bag with the fist that you have, the score will come out immediately. The higher the value of your fist, the greater the power you release.

Everyone who has tried playing boxing machine games has certainly scored firsthand. The value will be saved automatically and wait for the player’s turn to try to break the previous player’s score record.