English game machine

English game machine

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English game machine

The English game machine is one of the most popular games among children. No wonder many parents are always looking for a game that can teach children and help improve their gross motor skills. To get an educational game is of course not easy.

Must require a lot of time and proper consideration for the child. Sometimes negative thinking can make parents not buy it. There are also those who think positively while accompanying children to play so that all negative things will not stick and worsen the child’s development.

Can learn English

If you want to have children who are good at speaking English, of course, you can do a number of easy ways, such as taking your child to language lessons. Language lessons start when children start elementary school. You don’t need to wait until elementary school, you can apply it with the alphabet game machine. Datasunda

A game that can help improve children’s pronunciation and speech. To play the game, you can set the position you want. Not heavy and light to carry. The materials used are light and harmless to children. It is suitable for children from three years old.

Play while studying

there are two sided photos//a set of games

There are lots of cool features that you can easily play. Some beautiful colors make children feel at home playing. Play while learning English. Making children able to spell and read written English. Letters that can help the learning process. Can understand basic English words.

There are several double-sided photos with captions for each photo. To play it can be two to four people. You can also mock how many words the children have learned.

The contents that can be found in the alphabet game are:
  • Red Box
  • 30 double-sided cards or photos
  • 26 words or upper and lower case letters

There is a button that can reset the child’s learning amount. The way to play is very easy. Get some cards ready and put them in the red box. The card that appears must be called or in the form of a letter in the space provided. Then invite the children to form letters while reading.