Hammering kid's toy

Hammering kid’s toy

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Hammering kid’s toy

Hammering kids’ toys is a new and exciting game. The way to play is easy and doesn’t take up a lot of money and effort. As a parent, of course, you want to give the best. Especially if parents are busy, it will make the child’s attention less. As a result of frequent boredom, children sometimes seek excessive attention.

Without realizing that at a cute age children also want attention. Eliminate boredom in children by giving some interesting games. There is already a children’s toy game, namely the battle game. A game that contains hitting each other. The game characters that are made are also very funny. She has a face that is all angry while hitting.

Choose a doll

Datasunda – A hammering game that doesn’t consume electricity. No need to go out of the house to play anymore. you can prepare this manual hammering game at home. invite the children to play with each other. Parents can keep an eye on their children in peace. The game battle that turns out to be played can be two people or even one person.

For an easy way to play, you can specify which character you want to play. In the game battle, in one game, there are two character dolls holding each other’s hammers. The doll is wearing different clothes. You can choose whether you want a blue or yellow doll. In this game, you will beat each other non-stop.

Press the button and start playing

help develop a child’s brain//hit each other

To find out who the winner is can be seen from those of you who are no longer strong enough to press game battles. After choosing a color, you can see that behind each doll, there is a button that matches the color of the doll. Buttons that can move dolls to hit each other and fend off attacks.

If you get hit then you lose. But if you can dodge then you get the opportunity to attack your opponent. This battle game also helps develop children’s thinking power. Thinking about how to hit and parry the opponent’s blows. The game that looks ordinary turns out to provide a lot of unexpected fun.