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king hammering

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king hammering

King hammering is a game that uses strength and punch. For those who are angry and annoyed, you can try to take it out on a game of king hammering. A game that maybe you can find in a game place. If you look at the form of the game, it might look like an old game.

But do you know that this old game has undergone many changes? From just an ordinary punch is now a strength test tool. In the past, king hammering was shaped like this:

  • The top which is in the form of a bell indicates that the person who manages to hit and advance to reach the bell will be greeted with victory.
  • The tool uses a hammer that is so big.
  • It looks light but is actually quite heavy.

Become a great hitter

In the old model game, of course, you have to put out a lot of energy to be able to reach the bells. Now you don’t need to be confused because, in the king hammering game, you can play it using coins. All you have to do is insert a coin into the game machine and you can start hitting. Datasunda

The game engine will undoubtedly include the values of people who have used king hammering. The higher the value, the lower value will disappear. You can test your skills in the king hammering game. See how much punch you have. In this game, you can become one of the famous hitters like in cartoons.

Get ready to hit

Become an iron warrior and ready to give a punch. In the king hammering game, there are lots of lights that are on. Each morning will immediately respond when you start hitting the game engine. The light will instantly go up and rotate and show your punch strength value.

developing old game engine//gaming machine

Of course, new people who have never played will feel confused. For those of you who start playing, you can prepare coins or game cards. You can start playing by inserting coins or game cards. After you insert coins and the machine responds, you can pick up the hammer.

Get the value and the ticket

Prepare position and stance to hit. After you position it, you can immediately exert its strength and immediately hit it. Wait a few moments then your punch value will appear on the monitor. Every value you get can get a ticket on the game machine. Exchange prizes using game tickets.