Playstation 5 / PS 5

Playstation 5 / PS 5

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Playstation 5 / PS 5

Who doesn’t know that play station is a game that has been worldwide, so many people continue to search and play this game. For players who really like playing station games, of course, you don’t want to miss it. This game presented by Sony is the game console that game lovers have been waiting for.

After the success of the first play station, now sony from the game company is presenting the latest version of the game with the 5th game level. Right in 2020, sony released the 5th play station console game. The first version of the game is gray while the fifth game version is colored white with curved sides.

Game models

Datasunda – Play stations have experienced engine changes and follow technological developments. Its presence now makes many game lovers curious and want to try playing it. Play station 5 comes with 2 versions for gamers. For 2 versions have different shapes. There are digital edition models and standard models.

Of these models, the most in-demand is the digital edition model. It has a very elegant shape. The game console is white with a curved model decorated with blue UV lights. Every time we play a play station game, we may feel irritated because it took so long to come out.

Available devices

Of course, there is less time to play and it’s easy to get bored while waiting for the play station. But that won’t happen again because the station 5 plate has updated the system. A system that has accelerated the game process does not have to wait long. The loading journey is made fast with a great device. There is an SSD device in the game console.

can be played with VR glasses//console

The system is fast, the game storage is also quite large. There are 825GB that can store data and the speed to send is as much as 5.5GB. On the play station 5 we can enjoy a very clear image form that looks real. The available image quality is 8K. the speed in the program is amazing.

Can be played with VR glasses

The colors in the game lighting are very, very good making every game crystal clear. Also enjoy PS 5 games using VR glasses. So it’s not just a stick without cables that we can play with. But with VR glasses, gamers can play easily and feel like getting into the game.

Bright and colorful images also support the greatness of the play station. But the game sound on the Play Station 5 is also very clear. Game system in the form of a real. A game that delivers 3d and sounds close to real. Really has much greater sophistication than the previous version of the play station in the first version.

The game system without cassette

The amazing progress of the game makes many people fall in love with this fifth version. If gamers want to try the console version of the Play Station 4 game, gamers can directly enter the PS5 program. Can play games from version 4 but can’t go to versions 1 to 3. Of course, gamers know that PS 1, 2, and 3 still use the cassette version of the game.

Which is where all available games still use cassettes. Play Station 5 can only access the previous Play Station data, namely PS 4On PS 5 we don’t need to use cassettes anymore. Because in the Play Station 5 system there is already a game.