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This playstation game that was present in the 90s is the first game that was present in Japan. The presence of this game has become an earthly game. Many from every country that participated received the arrival of this game. Those who have played Play Station games are certainly familiar, aren’t they? Games that are played with an electric system and use this cassette disc provide unexpected excitement.

Play station can be played individually or both. Various types of games are available on the play station. The shape of the image is very unique and the types of games are diverse. Play station was once a very popular game among the people. Until there are some people who open a business by renting out a place to play station games.

The presence of the latest version

Datasunda – The presence of this game for the first time is priced quite expensive, from the price of 5000 per hour until now it is rented cheaply up to 3000 per hour. This play station is a game created by sony. Year after year, Sony doesn’t just present one Play Station game. Keep developing the play station into a very cool game with more advanced game features.

For the first time, the gray play station appeared on the PS logo. Because of the unique form of the game and the public’s interest in this play station. Sony game company is trying to make new versions starting from PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and up to the latest version of PS5. It’s a very long game-making journey.

Maybe the 90s are familiar with the form of the first Play station. Since the presence of online games that can be played with mobile phone play stations, there has been a lag. However, the glory of the first play station was able to make game maniacs continue to look for types of games from the play station.

playstation development//new version

Game features

The following are the characteristics and year of release of the playstation, namely:
Colored to gray with a button model on the right and left. Can be played with CD or DVD disc cassette models. Use a cable analog stick and additionally put a gray memory card. Started present in 1990
Playstation 2
It comes in all black color. Present in 2000. The location button is on the edge of the side where the cassette comes out. On/off button and cassette button. The type of cassette is only DVD only. Not just for playing games. PS 2 can also access movies using DVD cassettes.. Has a black stick shape and black memory


After PS 2 arrived not long ago, PS 3 was also present in the same year. It has black in color. Only the shape is a little different when the Play Station 2 is in the form of a box. On the PS 3, it is a box with a curved shape on the front. Already equipped with a sophisticated hard disk system. What’s even more exciting is the PS3 is also available as a smart game. Laying the cassette is like a computer. The game stick does not use a cable using the Bluetooth system.
Box-shaped appeared in 2013. Games that have a program like a personal computer with a very good speed. Enough storage capacity for 8 rams. The interesting thing is that playstatio4 can also respond to fingerprints.


Launched in 2004 and 2005. The form of the game is like a mobile phone model. Its uniqueness is that besides being able to play PSP, you can also listen to music, and watch movies.
PS 5
In 2020 the ps 5 comes with an elegant look. It is white in color with a black design in the center of the curved edge. The computer version of the game. There is a microphone device. Can play while talking directly to the opponent.