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Random machine

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Random machine

In classic game venues, of course, you have seen random machines. A game where you just have to press the lever and wait for the results yourself. The random machine was once the most popular and loved game by many people. The excitement in this game is that you have to be able to get the same picture.

If the picture you get is not the same, you will not get a prize. But if you are the same, you will get an immediate prize. When you see a random machine, it certainly makes you think that only old people and adults can play it. If you pay attention to the shape, it does look like an adult game. But you don’t know that the game company is making a new game that children can play.

Game type

Harmless and safe game. Each game will give a cheerful color to the smiles of the children. You can also buy this game as a birthday present. Its bright color manages to captivate the hearts of children. Datasunda

It turns out that not only adults can play random machines. But even children can play it too. There are three variants that you can find random children’s game machines, namely:
A random machine shaped like an aquarium
The game equalizes the cans
Match Four squares

Easy and light

safe and harmless//exciting

The way to play is very easy and not difficult. All you have to do is put money in it and press the lever, so the machine can start working immediately. Every material used is very safe with SNI standards. So that you as parents don’t need to worry when buying it. Not only is it fun, but you can also take random game machines anywhere. Not heavy and light. Each color combination is very bright and beautiful so that when children play they are happy and excited.

In each random machine game, there is a ball that determines the game. Surely the children who see it are very happy and play it endlessly. No need to worry about the games provided. There are cute stickers that you can get when playing random machine games.