Game RPG terbaik di PS 1

The best RPG game on PS 1

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The best RPG game on PS 1

The best RPG games on PS 1 are old games that can attract a lot of gamers’ attention. Old-school games are still popular games and are in the memories of many gamers. If you remember the games on PS 1, of course, it reminds you of exciting games like adventure, racing, and many more.

When compared to the current game may be a little different. Today’s kids probably won’t know that games from the PS 1 era were able to make a lot of people addicted. Even though in the past to buy skills, gamers had to collect game coins, they could still find out the abilities of the characters they were using. In contrast to the current game where all games must use real money to buy skills in the game. Datasunda

Now, you gamers nowadays, are definitely curious about what types of RPG games used to be used and played on PS 1. Here’s the name of the game:

Final Fantasy IX

For those of you who like adventure, you can try playing Final Fantasy IX. An exciting game that has managed to amaze many gamers. It can be said that the final game Fantasy IX is the newest and last release. The game graphics provided are very good and better than the previous game graphics. In the game, there is a royal theme that makes the character go on an adventure to find an identity.

Chrono cross

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The game that was thought to be normal turned out to get a lot of good responses from all gamers. Of course, those of you who follow the development of the game know that the Chrono Cross game is a game that appeared simultaneously with the Final Fantasy game. Even though it’s not as good as the Final Fantasy game, it’s been able to make a lot of people curious and want to play it.

A fierce battle in which a child must choose to protect the people or must protect his father. Suikoden is a fighting game that uses various powers to defeat enemies. During the PS 1 game, Suikoden was the most popular game and was liked by many people.

Final Fantasy VII
There are many characters that you can choose and use in playing the Final Fantasy VII game. The game tells the story of a man who defends the truth and fights against a criminal.