Damage that is often experienced on the PS1

Damage that is often experienced on the PS1

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Damage that is often experienced on the PS1

Damage that is often experienced on PS1 is of course damage in general. For you game lovers, of course, you will feel annoyed when you find out that the game you are playing cannot run normally. Seeing this will certainly make the heart upset and become lazy and not enthusiastic anymore.

If small children are playing, they will cry and throw tantrums because the games they are playing don’t move at all. PS1 is a game machine that can be played using cassettes. Damage will often occur if you can’t provide the best care.

Feeling annoyed

Datasunda – When someone who loves games will certainly take care of the machine very well and carefully. In contrast to some people who buy for pleasure only. for those of you who have played games with PS1, of course, you know what kind of damage I experienced. Not everyone who plays PS1 has ever had problems stopping in the middle of a game.

Some of the damage that often occurs on the PS1, namely:
The game screen is blurry
No picture out
Very long loading
Suddenly it doesn’t move
The cassette that won’t play
Cassette is broken
PS1 fans that don’t work and many more

sensor eye does not respond//playing game

Machine Damage

Seeing this damage certainly makes you lazy to play PS1 games. To make PS1 playable again, of course, you have to spend money to be able to fix it. This type of crash is common in PS1 gaming machines. Machine parts that are often damaged and replaced are:

On the PS1 eye sensor
Sensor data cable
Cooling fan
Engine spins and much more

Any damage when replaced would cost a lot. If you are really in love with PS1, of course, you will prepare whatever the cost. In contrast to some people who think only of machines. You can replace the new PS1 machine. Better to buy new than repair it.