Best Photocopier 2023

Best Photocopier 2023

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Best Photocopier 2023

A copier is a machine that has a useful function for many people. Although not everyone needs a copier, many people do. Of course, those who use copiers are people who do business only. Because buying a copier is not a small fee and not everyone needs it.

For you photocopy entrepreneurs, you can use this method if you want to buy a machine like

Paper size

Of course, you have to know what size paper can be placed on the copier. Because copier entrepreneur requires many sizes of paper so that they don’t overuse and use them incorrectly.

Paper Place

The paper holder on the photocopier should be there, but it’s back to whether you are an ordinary user or a businessman. If the entrepreneur needs a lot of paper space when the copy space is crowded, you don’t need to fill the paper too often.

Machine Size
Each copier brand has a different size. Those of you who choose the size of a copier must make sure of your room. Because the bigger the machine, the bigger the place. Datasunda


Photocopy entrepreneurs must really understand what features they will choose. The more features are not necessarily useful, but the better the quality of the features, that’s the benefit. You can choose various features according to the existing conditions.

Some names of photocopiers that you can use to make a business, namely
machine that has sharp ink//nice and guaranteed
  • Kyocera
    With the Kyocera ECOSYS engine type – M2040dn. You will get lots of advantages. A machine that doesn’t take up space, then those of you who use this machine won’t feel the noise. Uniquely, the Kyocera copier can work with Wifi. So that visitors who will send files can easily make transactions.
  • Epson
    Copy machine for the Epson EcoTank type – L15160 does not have a large engine size. Even so, this machine does not have a cheap price. The only paper size that can be used is A3 paper. The advantage of the Epson L 15160 machine is that it can print large documents with 2 sides at once.
  • Fujifilm
    Fujifilm photocopier type DocuCentre – S2320 can print with a maximum of A3 paper. Then another advantage is that you can photocopy with multiple up. So those of you who are going to do photocopies back and forth automatically then this machine is the answer.
  • Canons
    Type Canon copier with imageRUNNER – 1643i is a machine that has a large capacity and works fast. This machine already has wifi access so it is also possible to print remotely. Even though this machine cannot work multiple times, it is still very easy to use.

The Sharp AR-7024 copier type can save energy. The maximum number of paper you can put on this machine is up to 1850 sheets. What is meant by saving energy is that if this machine is not in use it will automatically turn off by itself. Of course, for those of you who open a photocopying business, this machine is the solution because it has lots of paper space.