Catch ball game

Catch ball game

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Catch ball game

Very exciting and fun game to catch the ball. Active children certainly cannot stay at home. Always want to go out of the house to play and meet friends of the same age. Of course, every parent will forbid their children to go out of the house.

Now parents don’t need to worry because there is already a game of catching the ball. A game that can make children feel at home playing. Children don’t need to go out of the house, just play at home and parents can easily supervise their children. In the catch game machine, you can place it anywhere within reach of the eye.

Game features

Datasunda – A ball-catching machine that has a cute shape. machine size 22.5×14.5x35cm. To play it requires 3 A3-sized batteries. Machines that turned out not only one color only. there are two colors of the game engine that you can choose according to your taste. In the game machine game, it turns out that there are also balls that have different colors.

There are 10 balls filled with two different colors. The most fun when playing it is the sound of music and beautiful lights that adorn the ball-catching machine. Music will sound to the ball successfully entering the box. There is also a button that adjusts the speed of the ball game automatically. Catch the ball game machine can make kids smart and agile.

Exciting and fun

enjoy 3 game features//exciting

The power of thought becomes more developed and advanced. There are three types of features that you can use in playing catch-ball games. Of the three features, there are different settings for buttons. In the game catch the ball there is an auto-looping button. The button that can bring the ball automatically.

The children who saw the ball-catching machine game became excited and happy. A game machine that turns out to use a tube model game shaped like a dinosaur. The setting of the game is made like being in the middle of a forest ready to receive a falling ball.