Computer UPS Machine

Computer UPS Machine

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Computer UPS Machine

UPS is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS has the meaning of supplying power without interruption, in other words, UPS functions as an electricity backup. Computer UPS Machine

The shape of the UPS itself is in the form of an elongated box that is filled with batteries, rectifiers, and inverters. Of course, to back up electricity you have to turn on the UPS first so that the charged power is not lost. So that when there is a power outage if there is a UPS, the electrical equipment that has been integrated with the UPS will not just turn off.

Use of UPS


Electronic devices that often use UPS are computers. The UPS, which acts as a backup, of course still has power for up to 15 minutes. Even though it has 15 minutes of battery life, don’t forget to save your data as soon as possible before the UPS device turns off. That’s why big companies or internet cafes use UPS on the main monitor. Perform data storage quickly and immediately turn off the machine with a normal system.

UPS function

Machine function//UPS

More details UPS has functions such as

  • Power Reserve
  • Stabilizing electricity
  • Prevent Electronic Damage

With the UPS function, of course, it will be easier for you to maintain electronics. Electronics that will not immediately suffer severe damage.