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gala star novomatic

Gala star game developed by novomatic gives gamers a very easy chance to win. There are so many jackpot values ​​that gamers can get when they manage to get the same diamond value. The gala star novomatic game has a very unique theme. Like giving an award to the star.

The theme with a red curtain is the background color of the game, plus a trophy in the form of a golden statue holding a star. Seeing the form of the game that already has an all-red screen color with a trophy, it is certain that there will be an award that gamers can get when they win.

Symbol type

Datasunda – Become a main character in the game. Get rewards and win games and high coin value. Each symbol that forms a value can be done by combining symbols. To get the value and coins can be started from left to right except the bonus game. Each reel available to win the game has 5 reels and 3 rows.

All symbol wins will provide a fairly high payout value. There are values ​​that gamers can get as many as 25 or 50 types of wins available. The symbols present in the award are: 3 bells, x3, bars, 3 number 7s, bonus., cherries, oranges, plums, 2 bars, and blue numbers 7.


In the game gala stars all symbols can be replaced by wild. Wild is a symbol that forms the value of the same 3 or more symbols. There is a sign that the wild cannot be replaced, namely the bonus game. The bonus game will give you an unexpected game surprise. Successfully getting 3 symbols of the same or more will give some beautiful diamonds with beautiful and bright colors.

award trophy//category

Each diamond that is present has a different value. There are also different colors that are a sign of the jackpot. There are 4 jackpots that can make gamers get a chance to win. The jackpots are minor, major, grand and mini. When you get a diamond that is present, it will notify gamers through the top corner of the screen. The bonus symbol is 3 small stars.

This time the bonus must do the leftmost direction first to win or it can also appear in any position can also provide a winning value. It sounds a bit unexpected to be able to get the bonus game as soon as possible. in the gala star will form the value with the highest coin when it manages to get the same symbol. For players who often place bets it will not affect the value of the win.

Game jackpot

Bonus games that keep coming will help gamers get value.. An exciting game with funny symbols of course tastes amazing. Get a lot of wins to be able to get the same or more symbol values. The more often getting the same diamond will trigger the jackpot value of each diamond will give the opportunity for gamers to spin the screen in the game. Diamonds that successfully appear on the reels will give 3 chances to win.

If the diamond that has filled the space on the reels will give a high value with a note getting 4 jackpots at the same time getting 4 jackpots at the same time can trigger a high and large value. If you often get diamonds in the game, it will not make gamers sad. But happy to get the value again.