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Hey game lovers who can’t wait to know what Nintendo is and who invented it, let’s read the description first. As we know Nintendo is a game console that can be considered an old model. The game is cute with its cassette model shaped like a big memory.

Nintendo is a game output from Kyoto or Japan. The company that originally only produced this card suddenly had the idea of ​​making a game with a moving image model or what was called a video game. A game that continues to provide many interesting storylines. Nintendo’s name became known to many people at large.


Datasunda – In Japan, precisely in Kyoto, Nintendo is the largest game company in the world. Not only has a name but the selling value in the market is also high and in demand. Most of the games presented byNintendo became famous. Cool and popular movies made NintendoGames. This makes the company make a film version and an animated image model.

Maybe those who bought and played Nintendo know who made this game exist? but if you don’t know that’s okay too – what will we explain? Exactly in 1889 in Kyoto Fusajiro Yamauchi founded theNintendo company. A company not interested in games. Started trying to do Nintendo business.

Creating a new version of the game

They realize that other businesses can also help add income. They once tried to open a hotel and taxi business. Although the results were not comparable, the company tried to run this business until the owner of the company replaced all his efforts by making a game. Nintendo games began to appear in the seventies.

variety of games available//cassette

The result is amazing because it turns out Nintendo managed to have a name in various countries. A game that has managed to make the players like it. There are not many types of Nintendo. Many new games that have sprung up make many people want to have them. Maybe gamers have come across a Nintendo game version with a gun.

Never go back but keep going

In playing the gun game the players can immediately shoot some bait images in the game. Nintendo’s own shooting game is also constantly evolving. Create a game patent letter so no one takes the sale of their console. The form of the game that has this unique color can compete with great console games.

The era continues to make a lot of technology that continues to develop. A game that many people never stop playing. This form of a game that has animated color images is a prima donna game. Nintendo also experienced setbacks when a new game console appeared. This does not break the efforts of the game console maker.

New games

They try to find a solution and form a version that game lovers can like. The game that was marketed turned out to be a new game that many people liked. Become a game that many people like. The latest types of Nintendo game consoles on the market are:

  • Switch red & blue neon
  • Nintendo switch lite
  • 2ds xl Pokeball edition and many more types of games
    From the latest Nintendo models, we can enjoy it easily and without hassle. Because of the new games provided by Nintendo which now do not use cables.