The hidden secrets of the PS1

The hidden secrets of the PS1

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The hidden secrets of the PS1

You can find hidden PS1 secrets if you are careful. Who would have thought that apart from being a game tool, the PS1 actually had a secret of its own? For those of you who are game lovers, of course, you will have no difficulty in messing with the game engine. Unlike some people who are not used to it, the game engine can be damaged and cannot be used again.

You can use and match not all PS1s. Did you know that the PS1 series is not just one but there are many series available? You can find many hidden secrets easily.

To find out hidden secrets, you can start observing things like:

Can be connected with other games

The PS1 was first released and could only be played alone. In addition to the unique game form in the game, there are 2 places for game sticks. Playing two people with the same machine and different screens is of course impossible. To make the players feel at home and can be played with two people, a tool is provided that can be combined on one screen. Datasunda


The PS1 isn’t just one machine. but there are several types of machines that have the potential to become interesting game games. It’s the same with a DJ who also uses PS1 as a tool to produce music. This form of PS1 is different from other games. Has two sticks and also one connection cable. A triangular-shaped game machine with lots of buttons that you can use.

can watch movies//games
Watching movies

Apart from being a tool for playing, it turns out that you can use it as a television tool. No need for DVDs or vcd anymore. Not just using a PS1 game machine. To watch you have to have its own special machine. You have to have a special series to be able to watch movies. Only the Playstation video series that you can use to watch movies. If you watch it with regular PS1 games, it can make the machine weak and break quickly.

Who would have thought that PS1 games had unique secrets that not many people knew about?